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*  Involve students in the process of creating classroom rules and expectations to promote buy-in and ownership.

* Keep rules simple and easy to remember, and focus on promoting positive behaviours rather than just prohibiting negative ones.

* Be clear and specific about what behaviours are expected, and provide examples and non-examples to clarify expectations.

* Establish consequences for violating rules, and consistently enforce them in a fair and respectful manner.

* Communicate rules and expectations clearly and regularly, and post them in a visible location in the classroom.

* Allow for flexibility and adaptation in rules and expectations as needed, based on student needs and circumstances.

* Ensure that rules and expectations are aligned with school-wide policies and guidelines.

* Use positive reinforcement to recognize and celebrate students who consistently meet or exceed expectations.

* Model desired behaviours as a teacher, and provide consistent feedback and support to students in meeting expectations.

* Establish routines and procedures for common classroom activities, such as entering and exiting the classroom, transitioning between activities, and using technology.

* Provide clear and consistent instructions for assignments and assessments, and clarify expectations for grading and feedback.

* Encourage peer accountability and support by establishing a classroom culture of respect and cooperation.

* Use restorative practices to address behaviour issues and conflicts, and promote reconciliation and understanding.

* Provide opportunities for students to reflect on and evaluate their own behaviour and progress toward meeting expectations.

* Partner with families and caregivers to establish consistent expectations and reinforce positive behaviours at home.


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