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Dear Parents

School is about to start. So please sit down with your child for 5 minutes and explain that being very tall, short, chubby, skinny, black or white is no joke.

There is nothing wrong with wearing the same shoes every day. Explain to them that a used school bag carries the same dreams as a new one.

Teach them not to exclude someone because they are "different" or do not have the same opportunities as others.

Explain that teasing hurts ... and that they go to school to LEARN; NOT to compete.


It's AT HOME that children should learn to say:

  • Good morning

  • Good afternoon

  • Good evening

  • Please

  • With your permission

  • Sorry

  • Forgive me

  • Thank you very much

  • Thank you

  • I was wrong

It's AT HOME that we also learn to:

  • Be honest

  • Be punctual

  • Do not insult

  • Be polite

  • Respect everyone: friends, elders, teachers, authorities

  • Still at home we learn to:

  • Eat everything

  • Do not talk with your mouth full

  • Have personal hygiene

  • Don't throw litter on the ground

  • Help parents with their daily chores
    Don't take what doesn't belong to you

  • Be content with what you have

  • Work honestly to earn a living

  • Dress with modesty

At home we still learn to:

  • Get organized

  • Take care of your belongings

  • Do not touch other people's belongings

  • Respect the rules

  • Speak your mother tongue(s), master your culture and spirituality

Because AT SCHOOL teachers should teach: ■ Languages ■ Mathematics ■ History ■ Geography ■ Life skills/Life Orientation ■ Natural Science and Technology■ Creative Arts ■ EMS ■ Sports and Culture activities, etc.

We only reinforce what the Learner has learned AT HOME!!! Because it is from what we have learned AT HOME that the individual will be respected, that he will respect life.

Welcome to Academic Year 2024

Author Unknown


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